Art Hive Studio

October 2023 Exhibition

This is the first exhibition ever hosted on Art Hive! Check out some of the exhibits below to see the artists and their work. Exhibits are sorted randomly, try refreshing the page to see that in action!


no pronouns provided

I am an artist with various interests and hobbies. I enjoy drawing and creating original stories and imaginary characters the most. My favourite subjects include fiction and often psychological horror.

Alien-looking creatures relaxing togetherA creature with its hand on the shoulder of a person in what looks to be a spacesuit standing with their back turned to the creatureA comic page with lots of scribbles and a glitchy feel to it, text describing malevolent creatures referred to as the thingsA pixel art animation of a green monster creature

TheNothingMonster also has a personal website and a DeviantArt page.



A pixel artist!

A scrollA teacup with eyesA teacup with steam rising up from it

If you like Samus' art and want to support her, you can tip her on Ko-fi! Samus is also on Tumblr.



A furry and 3D artist, as well as the curator of this website!

Digital art of a kittydog OCA headshot of Wasp3D art of an ocean

If you like Wasp's art and want to support him, you can tip him on Ko-fi or purchase a commission! Wasp is also on Instagram, Mastodon, and Tumblr.



I make all forms of art, really. Visual, audio, physical. I take inspiration as it comes and try to turn it into something new and creative to give to the world. I want to make the world better for at least one person with everything I do, even if it's just me.

A catA cat next to a windowA cat in some sunlightWhat appears to be a garden with trees, chairs, and benchesThe sun shining through some trees

NeonNights also has their own personal website and runs a cinema on Marigold Town.