Art Hive Studio


The site

Art Hive is hosted on Marigold Town. It aims to provide curated resources for a variety of artists, as well as featuring the work of artists from the web revival community.

Resources may include a variety of topics, such as resources for learning art, guides on pricing and taking commissions, and more!

Submissions to have your art featured on the website open up on the 1st of every second month, and close on the 10th of that month. During the following week, submissions are reviewed and exhibitions are set up on the website. This schedule may change in the future depending on how well Wasp is able to handle this website and his other obligations. He doesn't currently think he will have to implement a limit for how many artists can be featured, but that may be reassessed in the future.

An archive will be kept to display past exhibitions as well, but that will be set up after the first submission period (October 2023).

Each "exhibit" will be a section dedicated to a specific artist's submission for that submission period. If desired, artists may submit links to their website or social media and links to things like Ko-fi, Etsy, commission status, etc.

Exhibits in each exhibition will be displayed in a randomized order, so that if there are a lot of artists featured, no one's visibility should be impacted by where they are on the list.

The curator

Wasp (also known as PunkWasp) uses he/they/she/xe/it pronouns (mix them up!) and is a furry artist and 3D artist! He mainly uses the open-source programs Blender 3D and Krita. The idea for this website was mainly inspired by his frustration with posting his art on social media; he wants to help other artists get noticed and boost their work, because he knows how hard doing that is nowadays. Wasp also writes.

He's decided to refer to himself in third-person on this website because first of all, he's weird, and second of all, he's trying to give himself DIY gender euphoria with the pronouns. Don't worry about it.